Man Stabbed to Death Over Whatapp Chat


Recently a Nigerian teenager John Wright 19yrs was in a group chat argument with Paul Akinnuoye 20yrs in the group after Ice City Boys, members of the group, commented on Donnell Jones being in a new relationship with a girl called Fifi.

Wright during the argument said Akinnuoye is on Jones’ “dick” and Akinnuoye replied that he’s straighter than Wright.

“You are on his dick,” Wright told Akinnuoye after which he called him a “batty boy”.

Akinnuoye replied: “On your mum’s life I’m straighter than you.”

At about 5.20pm both suggested places to meet for a fight before agreeing to meet at Sunset Chicken in Blackheath, south east London on April 19 last year alongside three others.

Wright said it would be a “fist fight ting” and said he would not bring a “shank”.

He said: “I didn’t get a nank, my mum is in, she will notice the knives are gone.”

They all later moved to a park for the fight where Wright was fatally stabbed, prosecutors said. Wright collapsed near the junction of Begbie Road and Hervey Road at about 8.10pm.

Akinnuoye, however, denied involvement claiming he wasn’t there at the time and didn’t see it happen. But the prosecutor Tony Badenoch QC said: “By this time one week later he had set to dispose of his phone and had made enquiries, it would seem, in order to cover his tracks.”

The prosecutor said the evidence now made it “impossible to suggest” that Akinnuoye’s claim he was not there at the time was true. Mr Badenoch said that Akinnuoye’s home in Tunbridge Wells, had a shared kitchen with a set of three different colored Ikea knives, and one was missing when police attended after Mr Wright’s death.

The trial is still ongoing.



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