Lady Tatooed Davidos face on her chest blasts critics as Davido follows her on Instagram


A Nigerian lady On social media who tattoos Davidos face on her chest, The same lady who rejected the public proposal made by her boyfriend at a mall some time last year.

Well, it turns out that this lady is the same lady who is raving again yet on social media, all thanks to the tattoo of her favourite celebrity she had on her chest.

We couldn’t help but notice that the Instagram handle seemed familiar to one we had related with before, so we did our research and found out that @symply_tacha is the same lady who rejected her boyfriend’s proposal because she claimed he slept with her boyfriend.

Well, Tacha is quite ecstatic right about now, after her favourite celeb followed her on Instagram… She couldn’t hide her excitement as she took to the platform to share how her obsession is real.

She also slammed critics who body-shamed her for having stretch marks on her boobs.

Read her,





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