How to Up Grade YourSelf



Sometimes, it is difficult to treat a topic with just a word than those with two or more words.

Why it is hard for people to treat is because it doesn’t have any other subordinate word that can be of help whenever we dealing with one word topic.

Irrespective of how difficulty it may be when dealing with any topic with just a word, just do the best you can do.


My topic today is UPGRADE

Why upgrade?

You need it boost your life, business, career, relationship/marital life, and health.

It may be a word of motivation to some but I am using it is a command today.

No one knows more better than what he/she has acquired.

As it is popularly said, you don’t leave the ways you lived in the past years this year and expect different and better results this year.

I guess you know where I am coming and where I am going to now?

You need to upgrade and continue to upgrade if you want to be at the top of your game.

Any athlete that stopped doing normal trainings/routines will not be at it’s peak and this is why you need to upgrade.

How do you do this?

  1. Read books (hard copy or ebook/pdf)
  2. Read articles, journals, meaningful posts etc on the internet
  3. Listen to and watch educative shows on radio, TV, podcast, livestreaming etc
  4. Join groups, forums and communities of well meaningful people on the internet and partake in whatever they are doing
  5. Have a mentor/role model
  6. Move with right people both on the internet and offline
  7. Attend seminars, workshops, retreats, etc.
  8. If need be, further your education
  9. Never for sake God because, He is the only one that can be of your help when in need
  10. Listen and read from experts

I wish you greater heights.



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