A Man That Hits A Woman ISSA PU*SY BWOI- Davido Speaks Against Domestic Violence


DMW boss who is on a tour in Congo has shared a speech on domestic violence on his social media handle,

According to the singer, any man that hits a woman should be referred to as ‘PUSSY BWOI'(coward).

Davido, via Twitter, wrote;

A man that hits a woman issa PUSSY BWOI

Domestic violence in Nigeria is a problem as in many parts of Africa. There is a deep cultural belief in Nigeria that it is socially acceptable to hit a woman to discipline a spouse.

Domestic violence is widespread and shows no signs of lessening in Nigeria. The CLEEN Foundation reports 1 in every 3 respondents admitting to being a victim of domestic violence.

The survey also found a nationwide increase in domestic violence in the past 3 years from 21% in 2011 to 30% in 2013.

A CLEEN Foundation’s 2012 National Crime and Safety Survey demonstrated that 31% of the national sample confessed to being victims of domestic violence

Domestic violence takes many forms including physical, sexual, emotional, and mental.

Traditionally, domestic violence is committed against females. Common forms of violence against women in Nigeria are rape, acid attacks, molestation, wife beating, and corporal punishment.

The Nigerian government has taken legal proceedings to prosecute men or abuse their women in several states.

There is currently a push in Nigeria for federal laws concerning domestic violence and for a stronger national response and support for domestic violence issues.




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