The Deceitful heart Episode 3


Selena showed up at exactly 9pm with a very sexy light skinned girl. Everything about the two ladies were quite explosive. Their skimpy wears, behaviour, everything. I was extremely impressed by what i saw.

“you will be paying double for tonight’s show” selena jokingly said as we shared a bottle of whisky in my bedroom.

“and you got to make me see what i’m paying for” i smiled, eyeing her companion.

“she’s called jackie, and she’s gonna tear you apart like a jaguar” she added, following my eyes.

“not only will i tear him apart. I’m gonna eat him raw” Jackie added in support of her friend, before busting into a sharp laugh which i knew was influenced by the hot drink the girls were gulping like water.

“it’s show time baby” they suddenly screamed and pulled off their clothes amidst laughter.

“wow” i screamed with excitement, pulling off my clothes with the same spirit.

Seriously that kind of reckless behaviour was one of the main reasons i was unable to have a girlfriend nor settle down with any girl. I was way too rough and spoilt.

The only person i felt real passion for, was Jenifer and she equally was the only person capable of stopping my wayward life.

In a jiffy i was on my bed with two of the most beautiful call girls i have ever seen. Selena handled my dic.k, suc.king, squeezing and pulling while i handled Jackie, rough-handling the beautiful with my hands.

I fondled and caressed her to satisfaction, before burying my giant bazooka in her pit of pleasure.

Oh i felt good as i smashed her bo.oty with all i got. Sending her moaning with pain or perhaps pleasure. I was so freaking rough on her, and i felt good doing it.

By the time it got to Selena’s turn i was already tired and spent. I simply managed a round with her before falling like a ripe mango on my bed.

“you girls are wonderful” i murmured and fell asleep.


I spent the next day sleeping and thinking over my life. I surely needed a girl. A companion, but i was yet to get anyone who suited my fancy apart from Jenifer.

“Jenifer, Jenifer” i breathed her name with a sigh.

Later in the evening, i drove over to Tony’s house to discuss the issue he wanted to share with me the previous day, but i was shocked to see Jenifer with him.

I felt jealous but managed to fake a smile.

“hey bro, i’m so happy to see you. Do you know i forgot that Jenifer’s birthday is tomorrow. You got to help me do the planning please. Forget about the stuff i said yesterday” Tony said excitedly as we shared a bottle of beer.

I looked at Jenifer, she quickly avoided my gaze and looked away.

“God save me from this temptation” i prayed unseriously.





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