Time Vs Life


Occasionally we do things, live Life, See Life, Feel Life, and Believe Life but have you ever take a Break and ponder upon the True meaning of Life?

“Life” in My own words Term is a state of Organisms Preceding their Death.

Now what Is Time? We have Time, we use Time, we lose Time, we gain Time and We ask what Says the Time but have you ever asked why was time created and why we use it in a cycle of life Existence and Why we also Attached our life String to it? Also why do people say money can’t Buy Time.

In this World (Earth) of Existence, Life and Time are two important and necessary to the Existence of Mankind and all entities accommodated by mother Earth today.

Have you ever take a Break and Ask yourself a hug Question? Is your Life is planning in line with your Time? Because there are people whose life isn’t working out as they plan. You finish and Graduated Top of your class but has been jobless for almost five years but then you see a person who finish with a lower Credit is having a comfortable life with a Decent job. “Time in Respect to Life”

You took a Flight to London with almost 5,000 Members on board and you all have different Destination and Certainly on your way Back from London is you will still meet a Different in the plane on your way Back “Life in respect to Time”

Its True Everybody want to drive big cars buy expensive houses and live luxury Life but not everyone will get it the same Time.

Our Life Looks Different as well as our Nature but don’t forget our way, Time and Life also seems to Be different.

Hey!!! Bro, Sis are you passing through tough Times and No one is at your rescue always know that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and “Life will Turn Thing Around for you in respect to Time”



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