How to make you Ex miss you


Over times we make up and break up relationship but most of the time it’s always because we miss the particular person or see the need for that relationship that why we make up.

Obviously we do ask this question and don seems to fetch an answer does he miss me does she miss me but here are tips that you can use to make the person miss you

  • Creating a strong absence: Getting away from sight and to an unknown where about is one of the greatest key to make someone miss you, because the conscience and feeling of the person absence will surly make them look for you and ask friends questions have you seen him? Have you seen Her?
  • Blocking them on social media: Most times people sees it as a weird act but trust me it’s not its part of keeping absence from the person.

If this act is successfully carried out I can bet, you your ex will be restless where ever there are and the next step is for you to show up from your hide out

  • Change your Wardrobe: It is true the way you dress is the way people will address you changing of your outfit helps you do two thing get a new partner and make your ex hungers to have you back that why you must change your wears.
  • Give them less and limited attention when the need you: Yes, they call it ego but no its not its having a value before them, most of the time there will want to hang out with you and spend time in your conversation but you limit it.
  • Try to change and upgrade your life style: this has to do with your level of maturity, mode of dressing, manners of approach, life style etc.


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