Facts About Guys Ladies Don’t Know


So many ladies always try to read the minds and behaviour of we guys and act ahead of us but always fail and only in few occasions guys are caught.

Of cause so many people and philosopher has written books about guys like “Think like a man act like a woman” and some of Steve’s Harvey books but the point is ladies don’t know and understand the perception Behind a human being with three legs.

  • All guys are players: Some people will want to prove me wrong on this one but I have a point. It takes the full make up mind of a guy to stick to one lady because dating and sticking to one lady is like eating your favourite food over and over again without tasting other meals. I tell you one thing it not easy for a dog to bypass a man on the street selling Meat Barbecue. Am very sure if any guy will excel if he can be a new born baby who can stay the first six months after birth without drinking water, as a baby friendly with a mother and a child.
  • We get jealous of each other success: Like my Grandmother use to say there is nobody who will be offered sugar in the mouth and will reject it. As being successful and Wealthy is the primary aim of every guy of this generation and that gives us reason to jealous our fellow guys.
  • When ladies crush on us: This is where must guys fuck things up. Generally, we feel hyped when ladies are crushing on us it’s like attending a party with out invitations we feel honoured and happy.
  • Talking About Our sex life Within Our self: Just to mention a few guys are self-disciplined that they don’t talk about how they sleep with their Girlfriend in the present of their friends we always see it as fun Example of a conversation between Tom and John

Tom: Hey Bro! How was Lilian last night

John: that bitch is hot, we went five rounds and I got a blow jaw

Tom: OMG you are a Basted and a true son of your father and I trust you on that one

John Yo! Bro I fucked her well

  • We hardly take issue seriously like women: yes, any guy who ague a lot is a woman Most of the time when ladies have issue within them self it takes like forever to resolve unlike we guys when we have issues we still talk hang out but know our difference