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Facts About Guys Ladies Don’t Know



So many ladies always try to read the minds and behaviour of we guys and act ahead of us but always fail and only in few occasions guys are caught.

Of cause so many people and philosopher has written books about guys like “Think like a man act like a woman” and some of Steve’s Harvey books but the point is ladies don’t know and understand the perception Behind a human being with three legs.

  • All guys are players: Some people will want to prove me wrong on this one but I have a point. It takes the full make up mind of a guy to stick to one lady because dating and sticking to one lady is like eating your favourite food over and over again without tasting other meals. I tell you one thing it not easy for a dog to bypass a man on the street selling Meat Barbecue. Am very sure if any guy will excel if he can be a new born baby who can stay the first six months after birth without drinking water, as a baby friendly with a mother and a child.
  • We get jealous of each other success: Like my Grandmother use to say there is nobody who will be offered sugar in the mouth and will reject it. As being successful and Wealthy is the primary aim of every guy of this generation and that gives us reason to jealous our fellow guys.
  • When ladies crush on us: This is where must guys fuck things up. Generally, we feel hyped when ladies are crushing on us it’s like attending a party with out invitations we feel honoured and happy.
  • Talking About Our sex life Within Our self: Just to mention a few guys are self-disciplined that they don’t talk about how they sleep with their Girlfriend in the present of their friends we always see it as fun Example of a conversation between Tom and John

Tom: Hey Bro! How was Lilian last night

John: that bitch is hot, we went five rounds and I got a blow jaw

Tom: OMG you are a Basted and a true son of your father and I trust you on that one

John Yo! Bro I fucked her well

  • We hardly take issue seriously like women: yes, any guy who ague a lot is a woman Most of the time when ladies have issue within them self it takes like forever to resolve unlike we guys when we have issues we still talk hang out but know our difference
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Celeb Gist

“My biggest fear in life is not being alive to take care of my kids” – Mercy Johnson




Mother of 3 and Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson has revealed to the world her greatest fear in life. Taking to her Instagram page, she shared adorable photos of herself and her kids in matching outfits.

The gorgeous actress went on to caption the photo with a quote where she wrote about the joy of motherhood ahead of ‘Mothers Day.

My biggest fear in life? It would be “Not being alive to take care of and watch over my kids” Happy Mothers day Friends and may we be alive to watch them grow into Great personalities, may we enjoy our children in good health and prosperity with God as the Center of it all…

Because it’s almost Mothers day and I can’t wait plus Henry keeps saying Happy mothers day mummy since last week
, she wrote.

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Gossip News

Six Rules to a happy marital life




A social media user on Twitter took to his handle to share six rule in guiding a peaceful marital Affair.

The man identified as Ryan Stephens said he and his wife have decided to drop the idea of trying to be soulmates and focus more on being teammates.

He shares six rules he and his wife follow to ensure a stable and blissful marital life.

Read thread below.  

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Inspirational Articles

Three ways of making your self a better person




Its obvious every one wants to be a better person but do we ask this question, Can I take the pain of becoming a better person? Some times we misuse the opportunity of when out purpose in life meet great ideas.

Thinking of how to be a better person in life without practice it’s like a dog chasing it own tail in a circle and getting stocked by its own fatigue. Just like an old saying Silvester Stallion Said “the world isn’t a place of sunshine and rainbow

Have you ever pounder why and how can I be a better person? But here is a thing A little boy envied a grammarian over his ability to polish, nullify and pronounce grammars, but the boy never envied his time and sacrificed the grammarian use to read novels, books, Magazine and Dictionary Such is life nothing good comes easy.

Here are some of the tips you can use to become someone better.

  • How do you overcome Challenges: When problems in mathematics are given in Algebra, all professors have different way of approaching and solving them but they always get a positive answer and similar same applicable in life?
  • What was the lesson learnt form the Challenges: Experience is always the best teacher to so many because an experience person can never be once beating and twice shy?
  • Self-determination: How determined are you toward success? How dog headed are you toward positivity? Remember determination is the fuel towards Success also make things right.



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