7 Ways to know if your partner is cheating


In relationships what hurts the most is discovering your partner is not faithful, If you are in love with him or her and have sacrifice everything just to make them happy it like waiting of time and energy purring water into a basket.

Its draining to have the knowledge that the person you are dating is having an affair with someone else.

Some people do ask questions like is my partner faithful? Does him or her truly loves me? Are they seeing someone else? Where will this relationship lead to? Is him or her going to leave any time soon? We spend so much time pondering about this question without an honest reply

Here are the signs of a cheating partner

  • They don’t allow you go through their phones or messages: when one is cheating they are in very strong guard of their phones and messages because they don’t want to get caught.

  • They tell lies a lot: Yes! Players always tell lies a lot just to make their partner never suspect a thing because when they tell the truth they will always be caught.

  • Cooking up stories: A cheating partner will always want to cover up their tracks so they don’t get caught so the always cook up something and tend to use advantage of things around them to get away.

  • Lying about their whereabouts: An unfaithful partner will always want you to know nothing about their whereabouts and will always want to make the fake whereabouts genuine

  • Spending less time with you: it obvious when a cheat start seeking attention else where they give you less attention and will always want to hook up with their cheating partner

  • Always nag and pick up quarrels with you:this always buy them time to cheat more because when you both are not communicating the have less worries about u and concentrate on cheating more.


  • Avoiding your calls and turning off their phones: it possible you may need their company at that time but the partner just switch off their phones just to go out of reach and won’t want their cheating partner to know what is going on.