Five Great tips in Understanding yourself



In the life we live today we live for different reason purpose, either a purpose we are built for, a purpose we are meant for or a purpose we adopt because understanding yourself it’s a building foundation which the purpose will come to rest upon.

Over time life push positive and negative things at us but we don’t have an understanding view or knowledge of our self to scale through those challenges and that why some of us mismanage the situation and end up crashing Because we don’t understand ourselves.

Am going to be talking about some key point of building and understanding one’s self

  • Challenge: Can either be positive or negative challenges, the positive challenges of what made you comfortable when you had nothing and going through pain and rejection make you get a better understanding of yourself and the Negative challenge of what made you restless when you had nothing and going through pain and rejection that also makes you a better person.
  • Discovering your motives and what drives you: Some people still yet to discover what part of them that keep them going. You have to discover what drives you and works on it if it’s something Negative.
  • Weakness: Every entity on earth has a weakness but the point is what was your strength during the days of your weakness “ A leading Best Student Who was squirting from place to place and had no money to afford a house was insulted by a friend one day you are a whore a fool busy squirting from one place to another you should quit schooling with a smile the leading student replied But am still the overall leading best student in the school” That was where her strength came from, sometimes when we are weak we just give up on the situation which is not supposed to be we have to look for our strength when we are weak.
  • Strength: In life this what sustain us also its an aid of understanding ourselves through our strength when a rich man discovers at a point of his life that he can buy anything material things in the world for anybody but seems to forget that in the next couple of days or month he can lose the riches. It’s not about what your strength is its about what keep your strength going and strong.
  • Staying silent and replaying your life: Moments of silent are always the best way and the best state of every being life need silent for you to think like a professor once said ears are two while the mouth is one and that gives the mouth sometimes to remain silent. Ask yourself this three questions Where am I at the stage of life? Where was I at the initial stage of life? And thirdly what is the next stage of life for me? It so funny that people don’t take a minute or two daily to ask ourselves this questions. Because it’s amazing what we can do when our passion meets a purpose Greater than ourselves.