Who is a Friend


Life is empty when one is isolated and like a wise man once said “A tree cannot Make a forest” Over times we make and live in the world of friends but some people don’t stop for a moment to ponder who their friends are because there is a saying “Show Me your friend and I will tell you Who you are”

We Mix up greet people talk move out with different kind of people but how many of them are our friends? Can you ever tell the difference between friends we make and friends we keep? Because a friend in need is a friend in deed.

I will be differentiating the two

  • Friends we Make: everybody is a friend a banker, beggars, lecturer, Team mate, Bar Attendant, Taxi Driver, Company Etc. Every being we keep around us is a friend because a friend is someone you know while an Enemy is someone you don’t know.
  • Friends We Keep: Life is a small cycle so we have to keep our cycle small if you sort and carefully choose and sieve our friends than we should be able to make a good and true friend.