Don’t judge People


Over Times we sit Back Relax comfortable in our comfort Zones pass judgement on people without having the idea of what they have been through.

A rich man went to the club to pick a prostitute home for a night and when they got home the young lady was shy and scared of having sex, the rich man forced her and had his way. After the rich man finished he left her crying but was marvelled and asked why she is crying? And beside this is not her first time of having sex, with a heavy face and heart the young lady replied him “I am doing this for the second time and am only trying to use it to pay for my mother medical bill”

You see some times we sit down behind the screen to see a movie which someone has put together lot of energy and time to make and pass judgement on them of how the movie was don.

Life is like a circle which we don’t know where we are going to. Judgement is critical but Observing is Educational Don’t Be quick to judge and learn how to Appreciate.