Consistency to success


Consistency to success, Consistency to life, Consistency to determination, Consistency to relationship. Consistency can be view from different perspective of life especially when it comes to success.

I do believe and say that the mother of a struggle is consistency when one is consistent to what he or she is doing you actually stand a chance of getting a great result soon.

Let take a drive at consistency in relationship in a relationship a man who has been wooing a lady for a period of time but has not found a good responds from her and she eventually decide to give the relationship a trial and try loving the person, she wakes up every day receiving good morning text messages and flowers, when he want to go to the fridge to get himself a drink he got her one without asking, when he had an amazing day at work and she had a terrible day at work you listen to her Awful day and never talked about your amazing day, when you are on lunch break you get her favourite and something cool without asking her, when you both go outing together you treat her like a queen and the owner of the car while you act as the driver opening car doors and building doors for her when she is been asked what is the exact thing you did that make her fall in love with you she say “ There was no Exact spectacular thing you did that made her fall in love but it was the combination of all the things you did that make her fall in love with you”

Same goes to life and success great people in life didn’t give up on their way to success but continued to strive in consistency before the made it. So for the journey of life becoming a great person is all about the consistency of doing great things.