Five tips for a Guys to avoid falling out with their girlfriends


It true sometimes as a guy we find it hard and difficult to coupe with issue from a woman, but her are something you don’t know. Women are problematic and sometimes really hard to move with.

Most of the times they are always at fault and only few times they own up to their fault and apologies buy you the guy who is the pilot of your relationship here are some tips that will avoid you from falling out with her

  • Understanding: Like we all know understanding is the mother of all interactions because if you don’t have a clear understanding of her defiantly you find it difficult to live with her
  • Knowing her do and don’t, likes and dislikes: “One man’s meat is another man’s poison” I may like eating in the bus while others may not like it so try to know what she hates doing and what she likes doing and always try to do what she likes just not to fall into her trap
  • Avoid simple mare augment: Argument can be can be annoying sometimes you just have to learn how to control it and let her win sometimes because they argue a lot and for a guy its annoying to coup with.
  • Tolerance and overlooking: letting it slide and letting it go down the drain doesn’t mean you are wrong or stupid but sometimes shows you are matured and value your relationship more than you Ego.
  • Always give answer to her questions a second thought: Ladies always judge and hold guys by their own words and sometimes it becomes a trap that guys fall into and always hard to come out.

An Illustration

Girlfriend: Bae, what will you like to have for Dinner?

Boyfriend: I don’t know, anything

The I don’t know reply will lead you into serious issue because when you saying you don’t know, it means you will eat anything she prepares without complaining and that is not going to be cool. So I will suggest you giving a reply like “anything light” is just a perfect reply to her question.