What you should look out for in a Guy or Lady before dating them


Its true they do say “Friendship is the bed rock of every relationship” but not in terms of the intimacy between Boys and Girls.

Some times they both appreciate each other and always wish to be in a relationship but what are the things you do stand for in a relationship that makes you not to fall back on the choice you made, is it money, car, house, love, care, support, or other material things of this World?

Here are some tips you will need to consider before accepting a partner into your life:

  • Likeness and Happiness: Do that person makes you happy all the time and do you like each other that much which made you want to accept him/her in your life
  • Productivity: Yes! Is your man or woman productive like is he or her yielding when you are with the person or not, do you stand a chance to gain something from that person? Mentally, spiritually, Emotionally, Academically and other wise.
  • Growth: Ask yourself, have I been progressive ever since I met this person, has him or her changed my life Physically, mentally, Spiritually and other wise.
  • Taste: If you don’t have a taste definitely you will have different people on your list, always have taste of man or woman
  • Are they up your standards: Standard and Calibre matter in a personality it tells in them, their attituded, thinking and maturity?