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Snitching on your partner In Relationships



The journey of relationships is all filled with ups and downs but this is one aspect that kills relationship it’s no doubt that you won’t feel comfortable when your partner is Snitching up on you reason been that we feel they have lost trust in us and would want to know our every moves every day and times will literally the person snitching on the other person always thinks that he or she is showing love, securing his or her relationship but no he or she isn’t.

When it comes to being snitching in relationships you don’t feel free to do things and live the life of their own for instance

Tom and jane are in a romantic affair but each times when jane is away and not picking up her phone be beginning to feel restless with the thought that she is with someone else or she is trying to do something stupid Tom began to call her friends, families and neighbour asking her where about.

The bitter truth is tom actually thinks he is showing love and acting out of one, no tom isn’t he is just making her feel bad when people calls her to say your boyfriend just called me and asking your where about, and when tom and jane finally see each other she now has to answer question about her where about like what happened to your phone? When you noticed your phone was dead why didn’t you try to reach me? How many minutes did you spend at each place you went to? What are the names of people you meet today? Seriously the questions are becoming a quarry and she will begin to feel you are thinking she is seeing someone else and which is not.

The best antidote for snitching up are

  • When he or she seems out of reach keep yourself busy reading a novel, watching a movie or something
  • Don’t think about him or her focus on what you are doing?
  • And lastly when you finally see him or her asking only these three question what happened to your phone? How are they doing? Where have they Being?

Asking to many question is not indeed important or you can only just randomly ask one question which is can you please summarize your day for me?

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Celeb Gist

20 reasons why you should break up with your girlfriend – Joro Olumofin




Popular Nigerian relationship consult Joro Olmofin has taken to social media to enlighten young men on the 20 reasons why they should break up with their girlfriend.

Read Full Post:

1️. f she can’t use N5,000 to cook decent meals from Friday – Sunday. (A Full weekend)
2️. If she has more than 3 married men as “besto”, “fwends” or “my G”
3️. If your girlfriend demands a gift on every birthday
4️. If she borrows money from different guys without asking you
5️. If she doesn’t call your mother on Mother’s Day. .
6️. If your girlfriend has been to Dubai 3 times from 2018 till date and she doesn’t have any income
7️. If you have given your girlfriend up to N500,000 / $1400 and she’s still broke or doesn’t have a business.
8️. If she is always commenting on known Yahoo boys pictures and Billionaires pictures on IG : “Yas zaddy, i tap into ur grace sir, check ur DM”
9️. If she doesn’t know what you do to make money. E.g she knows you’re a banker but doesn’t know what department you’re in
10. If she takes Postinor 2 like M&K every month

11. If she idolizes runs girls & copies their IG post and Snapchat. “She May be an apprentice soon”
1️2. If she has cheated on you in the past 12 months
1️3. f she’s a student & you can’t locate her on weekends
1️4. If she has never bought you anything apart from perfume, belt & boxers on your birthday. E.g she should buy you books & inspirational dvds
1️5️. If she spends N40,000 on makeup every month & she’s not a makeup artist or making money from the makeup.
1️6. If shes always commenting on celebrity pages saying “ Bless me”. .

1️7. If more than 5 night club bouncers know her name in your city
1️8. If she would rather go to the cinema than mid week service
1️9. If she doesn’t let you wipe or clean her up after sex.
2️0. If she gets violent. Trashes your car, assaults, burns your clothes. .

*If your girlfriend is guilty of more than 5 of these and not willing to change, you should consider reentering the market*


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Embarrassing things my partner Does to me during sex – lady shares




An anonymous Social media user has send a mail to relationship blogger Joro to share shocking things her partner does to her during s3x.

According to her, he recently developed the character and she finds it so uncomfortable. She is seeking public opinion on how to deal with the challenge.

Read her brief story below:

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‘I don’t love my wife any more.’ – Nigerian man seeks for advise




Joro Olumofin has gotten his follower engaged in his post on social media to share an email he received from a man who is having issues with his marriage of 6 years.

According to man, he has fallen out of love with his wife and plans to take a break from the marriage to rediscover himself.

Read below;

“I don’t love my wife anymore. She irritates me. I want to ask her for a 5 months break to find myself again. I will move out. She is not the woman I married.

She puts in efforts but I am tired of this marriage. She thinks I love her so much. I begin my acting role in the morning. I act and act my feelings for her. I don’t have the Gul to tell her how I feel or why I can’t be there for her.

Marriage is not easy. I don’t have a girlfriend. I have not cheated in 6 years of our marriage but I can’t do this any more.”

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