Tips in winning your man back

Tips in winning your man back

Some times we make up and break up, hurting each other feeling at times in relationships is normal due to the love and affection but here are tips which a woman can using in winning her man back.

How to win a man back should be a simple and easy thing for most ladies to do, In other words, if she knows her way around him.

Here are some Tips i will share with you below in other for you to take a full control of your relationship.

  • Have less idle time: like an old saying an Idle man is the devils workshop, keeping a less idle time make you don’t long or wish for your man because your attention is diverted and this make him feel your presences.


  • Acting matured and thinking positive: most motivational books and video always tell people to become a better person and if you will want to win your Man back you should learn to upgrade your self by thinking positive. Acting matured to some people may be in terms of accepting the break up situation and flowing with it but the bitter truth is if you will want to act matured and still want to win your man you have to spice your maturity up by given him a bit space.


  • Admit your fault but don’t beg: Most guys at this junction may see it that you are trying to act stubborn, but you are not because when you are wrong you admit your fault but you don’t beg. Not begging make him feel you are less concern about the relationship and makes him feel that you careless about the relationship and about him too.
  • When you are around him bring out your fun , flirty side and make him fee Guilty: Don’t be too hard on your self when you are around him, always making him feel guilty with your words, and make him still see the potential in your words and action when you are around him.
  • Be Unpredictable and say No to S3x: This may be the hard part for both you and him sometimes but trust me if you can cop and always try to keep your self form his D*ck, you will earn more value and respect, also appear strange to him been unpredictable makes him feel you may not want him back or you are searching so it makes him confused.

Tips in winning your man back

If you can carry out this few tips, winning back your man wont be a problem for any lady except the lady don’t want to win him back