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5 Steps To Create A Niche Website And Earn $500 Through Google Adsense



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I know you must have wondered how we could say that you can create a niche website and earn as little as $500 from it monthly using google Adsense.



We have tried exploring several ways to earn income through a website and we have never been able to arrive exactly at what we want for our readers.

This is quite awful and disheartening to us.

We have equally explored several ways for us to arrive at a strategic point to help our visitors to fully create and monetize their respective websites.

Note: this is a guide directed towards the fact that google Adsense have initated a new rule with deductions on estimated earnings as a result of several issues.

So finally, we have decided to put a smile on the faces of our readers.

Let’s proceed with what a niche blog really mean.

Niche blog

A niche blog is simply a blog that is concerned specifically with certain information and ideas which simply covers a specified area and nothing more than that.

This can better be explained as a blog which focuses and centres its idea and writings on a particular point of idea like say technology, blogging tips, health (In health choose: fitness as a niche) and a host of several others.

Having explained what a niche blog is, it will interest us to let you know the idea and the single advantage of a niche blog which crowns everything in a general blog.

Single advantage of a niche blog

. Google search engine do rank this website better than general blogs in terms of search result and SEO rankings.

This is as a result that this website tells google or makes google to know exactly what they are talking about in precise terms and equally, all the articles are relating to one another.

Did we get you with this tip?

If we did then read on as this is getting better interesting.

Not forgetting why we are here, let’s quickly jumpstart to the steps in creating a website that earns you $500 or above monthly using google Adsense.

. Step one

Get a hosting plan from a reliable host.

If you’re not too sure about a hosting company to choose, click here!

Get yourself a reliable host and start your way to your earnings online. This is the best way to create your online presence and the best first step to make.

Get a domain name for your business

Now you can get your domain name and link it to your host.

If you’re not good at this then you can hire me.

. Step two

Setup your website in the most appropriate way

Setting up your website requires the necessary plugins, settings and the overall approach a professional would use on his website.

Some of the basic plugins are:

. Yoast SEO

. Jetpack for web traffic analysis

. Wp Quads for ads placement

. Advanced ads for ads placement. Basically for infeed ads

. Insert headers and footers for code verification

These are the basic plugins to use on a newly created wordpress website.

Anything else is an add on.

You can still hire me if you need this done in minutes.

Setup your website SEO to be excellent

Use the most recommended wordpress SEO plugin (SEO by Yoast).

Set this plugin up very well in the free mode and you’ll get tons of visitors daily. Better still you can go for a paid plan.

See the paid plans here!

You can equally contact a professional in the field to do this for a little token. Click here!

. Step three

Invest your time in keyword research

This is where bloggers make the most mistake.

Invest your time in keyword research and make sure you get the best keywords for your website ranging from medium to low competition keywords in the data given.

We will be writing soon on why you shouldn’t target the high competition keywords in google keyword planner.

But know this: you cannot compete with the large industries om SERPS first page, that’s a fact.

Gather many keywords relating to your website with lower or average competition (Best use google keyword planner)

Since we are trying to target search traffic from google, I suggest its best we used what google themselves provided for webmasters. So in other words I strongly recommend google keyword planner to be used for this function.

. Step four

Write SEO loving articles with respect to the keywords selected

Do an extensive research on how to write good SEO loving article and you’re just a little way to go to making a huge traffic from the internet and google search engine.

Write with a good heading and an SEO optimized article body so you’ll get to rank well on search and this will equally boost your readers experience in your website while reading your articles.

Edit your snippet, choose a soothing tag and meta tags for your post

Sometimes your snippet and how you appear on search affects how many visitors you’ll get from the internet users.

If you have more discrete information in your snippet and it appears to be catchy, you’ll generate clicks to your website and better still higher conversion.

. Step five

Focus on more quality content creation

As Bill Gates would say (Content is king).

Focus your idea on creating a very high quality content and success will be your own starting point.

If you can generate several search visitors to your website using these above tips, then what will make you earn less than $500 monthly?

I suppose you’ll make more.

So with this, we will be wrapping up our written article.

Wrap up

I know you have never read such a review or better still defined as a guide online as every other guide still said the same thing but we are writing on google search traffic basically and google Adsense.

If you followed these simple rules and steps, you’ll end up ranking your website to google search engine and receive tons of traffic.

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My Story: On How I start Blogging





Hi, in this post,I will be sharing with you the starting point of my blogging journey. Blogging is something i embarked on without much guide at the beginning, I was just doing anything i could do to make it work.


Let me put it this way, i was kind of self learnt and when you are like that be sure that you wont have much thing to go through. Blogging came to be for me when i was surfing the internet and i came through some posts on how to make money online and in the post, the person explained how to make money online, and i was like okay i can make this work and i started immediately.

Well because of the information i had i wasnt able to make much money and yo cant believe, it was quite painful . So because i was not able to make any money, i stopped blogging to find another greener pasture, that was the key to it.


Although when i started blogging, i was very young minded person that doesnt wait to make money, i just wanted to make money at all instant. I cant believe the hustle and the thing, it was a very bad experience for me and that was very strange. Making money online takes time as well as takes work to be able to achieve something tangible out of it.

I know of many bloggers that own very beautiful blog and are not making any tangible amount of money from their blog, i have one been in their shoes but i didnt stop, i keep researching and doing better things, blogging is not a joking matter, it is really something that have changed some people life. So what do i do, i started looking again online on how to make this money online so i wont be misled.

I came through a lot of posts, some telling me i should buy their product, some telling me i should just move on, some telling, there is nothing to worry about, do this or do that. I even saw a post the person discouraged me of blogging, like if i should start blogging, there is nothing i will be able to bring out of it and i was like okay thats true, let me try it.

So i went into bulk sms business to start another way to make money and you know what, i did make some money but not like the way i wished. I can tell you that there is nothing that could be compared to blogging, it is good for any beginners to make money with it and also better for those who already have money but want to make more money.

When i started blogging the right way, it is through a lady who get in touch with me that told me about it and i was like is this how simple it is. She explained to me the step by step i need to know to start blogging the righ way and and start making money online. It was something great and very good as well.

SO if you want to start blogging right now, what information do you have what means do you know to make money online, what techniques can you use to make your blog better and best, how to lead your niche, you need to know all these and start making money. Dont wait and keep postponing, you will still need even after launching your blog. Get the information right and start making money

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How to Make Good Money from Ad Networks




make money with ad network

Hello, today we will sharing with you tricks how to make good money from ad networks. Yes, if I ask, how much have you make money from any adnetwork, maybe $200 or$0, well if you are not doing well with ad networks like Google adsense, media,net, propeller ads, infolinks, then you are sure you read through this post and learn the ricks I use to make money from any kind if ad networks.

make money with ad network

It is very important for a bog to make money and the best way to make money from your blog is to start with the simple means to do that and that’s through display advertisements and everyday without doing much hardwork, you should be making like $20 per day. Yes, if you are not making that, then you are still doing many things wrong.

When I started blogging and I realized the simplest ways to make money is through display ad networks, then I just all of a sudden jump into and you know what the result was not that good and not nice at all, after some months I was able to make like $50, to be straight I made like $50 after like three months, that was crazy mehn I couldn’t believe it either but to be sincere, those time I have quit blogging and you know it was something I hardly believed.


So what about the story of people that are making thousands of dollars per month and I was like this blogging is a real scam. Is it not a scam? Making like $50 after like three months but with persistent and many things, I was able to learn what it takes to make money from display advertisement.

This my tricks works for almost all display networks be it Adsense,, infolinks etc , you should be making above $20 per day from it. So if you ask, what is the trick actually?

How to Make Good Money from Ad Networks

 This approach if after applied, you should start banking much money from ad networks, and I tell you will love blogging, at this time blogging will be sweeter.

  1. Niche: The first thing you need to take note is your niche. Niche is just a collective of keywords that make up a blog. For example, this blog is a money making niche and all the keywords here are what makes me more money. If you want to make good amount of money from ad networks, then you need to make sure you are into good niche, either finance, insurance, travel, health and fitness etc, if you are into any of these niches, you should start making money from your blog as soon as possible. Maybe you are the like receiving bunch traffic to your blog per day and yet your daily income is nothing to write up, it is nothing, it is just the niche you are into.

I have told many people that if they want to make money from any ad network, then you need to write in a very good niche and before time you should start making good money.

  • Traffic Location: If you niche is very good, then what more, it is your traffic source and location, the type of traffic you are receiving will determine the cpc or rpm every day and I tell you that from my experience, USA, UK and CANADA makes more money with any kind of andnetwork. Thats the secret
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How to Make Money the Right Way with Online Blogging




make money online

Hi, do you want to know how to make money the right way with blogging? Then, in this post, I will be sharing you tips on ow to make money blogging the right way.

make money online

There is great and much money from blogging if you believe anyway, there are people I know making more than $5k per month from their blog and they actually started at Zero dollar and now banking kore than they can required.


Although there are more than ways to make money online but I have found blogging, the easiest and the best way to make money as well, it is that simple and you can able to do it anywhere you are going. I tell you the truth, blogging doesn’t take the hell of your time, just some little things doing everyday can be making you money everyday with your blog.

But the issue with blogging is that there is good and the bad way to make money from your blog, I mean the right and the good way of making money online so you actually need to understand the main reason to blog and make money with it. There are some bloggers have met that trying to make money with their blog is always futile and believe me without some notable changes, they can’t do anything substantial with their blog.

With that it will just be like a waste of time blogging, I don’t want that for you that’s why I wang to share with you tips and tricks on how to make money online blogging, the right way and not the wrong way. Yes, the right way of blogging is the most thing you want to learn here, the things you have to do after launching your blog and before launching your blog, the exact and the love of doing it the right way.

Lets get started

How to Make Money the Right Way with Online Blogging

Thee are more than three ways to make money blogging, but if you want to blog the right way then start with this and you will glad and happy the same time, what are the ways

  1. Through Display advertisement: This is the first thing for every beginners bloggers, if you want to blog the right way, then start this way and start making some money as well. If you are doing this, I tell you that you will be happy of starting. Many people that are called bloggers starts from affiliate marketing which is ofcourse good, but hey what do you know about affiliate marketing, wo is your mentor, have you been mentored? If no, then be sure that you wont any money atall. There are lot of display advertisement you can join, we have adsense,, infolinks etc and they are very good to make money from. If you want to make some money from these ad networsk, to get approved might be the next thing, it is very easy and fast if you have like 20 unique posts and apply.
  2. Through Affiliate Marketing: This is the second thing you can do to make money with blogging, affiliate marketing is the process of sharing and promoting someone’s product to your users and after any payment made, you will be given a commission, that’s the key to make good money from your blog
  3. Through Creating your Products: Do you know that have make more money from creating products by just doing the little thing I could do and that’s one of the key to making money online. There are people very interested in your products and be rest assured that if you do the first step you will start making money
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