How to Make Good Money from Ad Networks

make money with ad network

Hello, today we will sharing with you tricks how to make good money from ad networks. Yes, if I ask, how much have you make money from any adnetwork, maybe $200 or$0, well if you are not doing well with ad networks like Google adsense, media,net, propeller ads, infolinks, then you are sure you read through this post and learn the ricks I use to make money from any kind if ad networks.

make money with ad network

It is very important for a bog to make money and the best way to make money from your blog is to start with the simple means to do that and that’s through display advertisements and everyday without doing much hardwork, you should be making like $20 per day. Yes, if you are not making that, then you are still doing many things wrong.

When I started blogging and I realized the simplest ways to make money is through display ad networks, then I just all of a sudden jump into and you know what the result was not that good and not nice at all, after some months I was able to make like $50, to be straight I made like $50 after like three months, that was crazy mehn I couldn’t believe it either but to be sincere, those time I have quit blogging and you know it was something I hardly believed.

So what about the story of people that are making thousands of dollars per month and I was like this blogging is a real scam. Is it not a scam? Making like $50 after like three months but with persistent and many things, I was able to learn what it takes to make money from display advertisement.

This my tricks works for almost all display networks be it Adsense,, infolinks etc , you should be making above $20 per day from it. So if you ask, what is the trick actually?

How to Make Good Money from Ad Networks

 This approach if after applied, you should start banking much money from ad networks, and I tell you will love blogging, at this time blogging will be sweeter.

  1. Niche: The first thing you need to take note is your niche. Niche is just a collective of keywords that make up a blog. For example, this blog is a money making niche and all the keywords here are what makes me more money. If you want to make good amount of money from ad networks, then you need to make sure you are into good niche, either finance, insurance, travel, health and fitness etc, if you are into any of these niches, you should start making money from your blog as soon as possible. Maybe you are the like receiving bunch traffic to your blog per day and yet your daily income is nothing to write up, it is nothing, it is just the niche you are into.

I have told many people that if they want to make money from any ad network, then you need to write in a very good niche and before time you should start making good money.

  • Traffic Location: If you niche is very good, then what more, it is your traffic source and location, the type of traffic you are receiving will determine the cpc or rpm every day and I tell you that from my experience, USA, UK and CANADA makes more money with any kind of andnetwork. Thats the secret