The Whole Essence of Blogging

whole essence of blogging

Hi, in today’s post, I will be sharing with you the whole essence of blogging? What do you know about blogging, why create a blog? Is it to make money or just to create blogs for fun? Well that’s a good question to answer because in no time here, you will understand the full definition of blogging and how to actually do it right.

whole essence of blogging

I have seen many bloggers creating blogs without purpose, without passion and without a pursuit and the end result is always very bad and not fulfilling as well. Do you also know that there are more than millions of blogs out there on the internet, they are just called a dummy site because neither the blogger nor the site is well equipped to get the normal outstanding? That’s why you still need to know the simple essence of blogging.

It is very important to also know that blogging is a business and as well as a source of place to share information across to people all over the world. It is recorded that millions of blogs online are not making any money from their blog and some are making below $100 per month from their blog, oh this is disheartening but I just wondered why it was so. The simple purpose of blogging is to create an avenue for yourself to make money and that’s very simple. To make money.

I don’t care about whatever thought you are thinking right now that you only need to help people that making money is not a real fun for you, well it is possible but the odds are very small. Don’t be a crap, there is no bad thing to be able to help people and also make money in return, it is just like that they are paying for your stress of typing.

I don’t know how motivated you will be but you need actually to know why you are going into blogging, is it for fun or juts to make money, you need to define the differences. If you can do that, It can be easier for you in a way. But before I conclude, let me give you the whole essence of blogging;

The Whole Essence of Blogging

Out of the essences I will be sharing with you, be very sure that you might also have your reasons of blogging, I am not disputing any facts, but I want to just give you a comprehensive approach to see blogging.

  1. To Share Information: That’s the first thing, people or users are actually looking for something to change or make their life better in summary and you could do that through your blog. Blog is actually from web log, a small web you logs your document to be able to help people in a way or the other. If you are able to share good information on your blog, latest and very updated, be sure that you will be happy about your users always coming back to your blog to see new thing because of what? They see your blog charming for them.
  2. To Make Money: The more you share information and trying to help people in a way, the more you will be glad and be trusted by your readers. And at this time, you can start making money by selling more researched information. For example, maybe in one of your posts, you added “ 5 ways to make money”, you can create ebooks that will teach people “10 best ways to make money that works” . If you do this more often, I tell you that you will be able to make more money from your blog and the essence and the purpose of blogging will be very shown.

Those are the two essence of blogging you should take note and be well equipped with it. That’s the key.