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The Whole Essence of Blogging



whole essence of blogging

Hi, in today’s post, I will be sharing with you the whole essence of blogging? What do you know about blogging, why create a blog? Is it to make money or just to create blogs for fun? Well that’s a good question to answer because in no time here, you will understand the full definition of blogging and how to actually do it right.

whole essence of blogging

I have seen many bloggers creating blogs without purpose, without passion and without a pursuit and the end result is always very bad and not fulfilling as well. Do you also know that there are more than millions of blogs out there on the internet, they are just called a dummy site because neither the blogger nor the site is well equipped to get the normal outstanding? That’s why you still need to know the simple essence of blogging.

It is very important to also know that blogging is a business and as well as a source of place to share information across to people all over the world. It is recorded that millions of blogs online are not making any money from their blog and some are making below $100 per month from their blog, oh this is disheartening but I just wondered why it was so. The simple purpose of blogging is to create an avenue for yourself to make money and that’s very simple. To make money.


I don’t care about whatever thought you are thinking right now that you only need to help people that making money is not a real fun for you, well it is possible but the odds are very small. Don’t be a crap, there is no bad thing to be able to help people and also make money in return, it is just like that they are paying for your stress of typing.

I don’t know how motivated you will be but you need actually to know why you are going into blogging, is it for fun or juts to make money, you need to define the differences. If you can do that, It can be easier for you in a way. But before I conclude, let me give you the whole essence of blogging;

The Whole Essence of Blogging

Out of the essences I will be sharing with you, be very sure that you might also have your reasons of blogging, I am not disputing any facts, but I want to just give you a comprehensive approach to see blogging.

  1. To Share Information: That’s the first thing, people or users are actually looking for something to change or make their life better in summary and you could do that through your blog. Blog is actually from web log, a small web you logs your document to be able to help people in a way or the other. If you are able to share good information on your blog, latest and very updated, be sure that you will be happy about your users always coming back to your blog to see new thing because of what? They see your blog charming for them.
  2. To Make Money: The more you share information and trying to help people in a way, the more you will be glad and be trusted by your readers. And at this time, you can start making money by selling more researched information. For example, maybe in one of your posts, you added “ 5 ways to make money”, you can create ebooks that will teach people “10 best ways to make money that works” . If you do this more often, I tell you that you will be able to make more money from your blog and the essence and the purpose of blogging will be very shown.

Those are the two essence of blogging you should take note and be well equipped with it. That’s the key.

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Google Adsense Auto Ads VS Manual Placement: Which is Best?




Google Adsense

So I suppose you’re thinking of switching your website Google Adsense display to Google Adsense auto ads leaving behind the Google Adsense manual ad placement.


Simply because the Google Adsense team brought this new feature and claimed it is going to be the best for you.

Google Adsense



No one can determine what’s best for you except you.

So I think if you have dedicated visitors visiting your website, you will not love to allow someone else choose what they should see when they visited your website.

Equally speaking of dedicated visitors I mean you should know at which point of your website ad placement that their best action for clicks do occur.

My experience

I once had every of my dedicated visitors clicking on the middle of post ad in my website and as well my banner sidebar ad leaving behind the other ad units on the whole website.

So I took into experiment and I removed the ad codes to all other ad placements in my website and I didn’t receive or notice any decrease in revenue or clicks as my visitors kept clicking on the ads in the strategic position that they wanted.

My verdict

This is where my Adsense ad perform way better in my website than other areas.

So I decided to start using two ad units in my website forthwith (The middle of post ad unit and the banner sidebar ad unit).

The earnings were quite handsome.

In this effect, I will be pointing out why you should not use Google Adsense auto ad placement in your website and stick to your manual ad placement you used before.


This is why you shouldn’t use Google Adsense auto ads

Google Adsense auto ads is used to generate ads on certain strategic points in your website by generating and placing a single ad code in a section of your website (maybe sidebar widget).

Here, Google bot synchronizes the ads and make them appear in certain positions of which is according to their own preference and assumption that it will work for you.

But guess what?

It will not work for you.

Recall that using Google Adsense in your website can make a website with at least 100 visitors daily to make good income (Although little) than every other ad network though depending on your CPC basically but it will only take you to place your Adsense ads manually to achieve that.

Using Google Adsense auto ads can equally get your website to display certain ad sizes in the wrong areas in your web page.

Consider a situation whereby 300*600 banner ad appeared in the middle of your post and a skyscraper ad appearing at the end of the post and most times without being responsive to pages or locations where they happened to appear.

The above stated is just an example of what is seen in websites since the inception of the Google Adsense auto ads, notwithstanding most times this happen as a result of wrong ad placement.

Funny isn’t it?

It will only take a blogger who knows the intent of his audience and one who takes a long time into learning the behaviour of his visitors not to use Google Adsense auto ads in his website.

Speaking of Google Adsense CTR (click through rate), the Google Adsense auto ads goes a long way to increase your CTR and you could stand a chance to face Adsense ban as a result of displaying too many ads in your website and as such can call for accidental clicks or non-intentional clicks.

Why you should use the Google Adsense manual ad placement

It can take only a webmaster and a dedicated blogger to understand what I really mean by the heading above.

Note: some bloggers do have traffic but can never know or wish to know the behavior of their audience and some may not have huge traffic but will strive to know the behaviour and dynamic nature of their audience.

Using the Google Adsense manual ad placement really helps a website a lot in different ways which includes;

Creating better user experience

When you place your Adsense ads manually in your website, you tend to consider your visitors while doing so and you will make sure you didn’t place the ads where it might get them irritated.

Thereby creating better user experience for your visitors.

Sometimes popup ads, smaller ads sizes and floating ads do disturb visitors in a website and one of the best solutions to this is having your ads placed manually so you can elude these problems.

Increasing revenue

Yeah, manual ad placement will increase your potential revenue as a result that only targeted and intentional clicks will be recorded and as such you wouldn’t have to bother about accidental clicks or finalized earnings deductions.

So what you see is what you get actually and this case of manually placing Adsense ads will be a boost to it.

Optimal CTR on Adsense ad

Be it as it may, you will be served too many ad areas in your website while using the Google Adsense auto ads and this will bring forth seriously sick Adsense CTR but on the other hand…

Having your Adsense ad appear on your website being placed manually will potentially decrease your CTR and you will have an optimal CTR on your Adsense earnings report.

Allowing visitors perform clicks through their free will

Most times, website visitors are forced to click on Adsense ads against their will and believe me when I say this…

This may get your account banned.

Visitors should be allowed to click on ads as a result of their decision to do so and not being forced to perform the action.

Having your Adsense ads placed manually will allow you place them in positions where it will allow your visitors to click on them without having to be forced to do so.

Have Adsense ad display where you want them and the desired size

Sometimes, using Google Adsense auto ads will give you ads in wrong positions and in the wrong dimension but using manual placement will go a long way to have your Adsense ads displayed on where you wish them to and with what size.

Wrap up

If you still find the Google Adsense auto ads useful to your website, you may continue as though you must need high CTR.

Still the truth, using manual placement ensures the best results on ads and for better user experience for websites that care much about the comfort of their visitors.

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Top 10 Professional Tips on Creating a Successful Freelancer Profile to Attract Sales




So you applied for a job on a freelance platform, the first thing that the client sees is your profile. If your profile is incomplete or not professional enough, you will make a very bad first impression.


Believe me, this isn’t a good start.

It is never enough just to make a profile on a freelance platform. It ought to be complete, Plausible and attractive to potential clients, if you will ever make a sale through your online profile.


Certain platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, People per Hour and Fiverr are serious websites that mean business and as well people in it.

If you want to earn as a freelancer from any of these platforms stated above and others, the least you can do is to create a professional freelance profile.

Of course we will help you achieve that.


Let’s get you down to business.

How can you create a very captivating and a professional freelance profile?

A step by step guide.

First, use your real name

A major element of freelancing is transparency and by transparency we mean trust. It is almost natural when you want to do business with a client that you have never seen before, you probably might need to know their real name.

So, that is how clients feel about freelancers too.

Don’t get me wrong here.

If you don’t want to share your name with potential clients, freelancing is not for you then, my friend.

Providing your real name creates trust and confidence in your potential clients, so it is essential that you use your real identity in your freelance profile.

As such, we do recommend that you make sure that you use your real name and never try to hide your true identity.

Use a professional photo

If you are skeptical about providing your real name, what will you thinks when we tell you that you also have to upload a photo of yourself?

And not just any type of photo.

A selfie photo or a picture of you in a swimming pool won’t get the job done.

The photo has to be professional. In other words, you need to be dressed professionally and try to smile (but definitely not like Chandler from Friends at a photo-shoot).

In the business world, a lot of long term success depends on the first impression.

If your photo is professional, clients think that you will do the job professionally and they are more likely to hire you.

Our great tip for photo shoot

Upload a photo where you look straight in the camera and smile. Make sure that the background is clear and uncluttered and that your facial expression conveys friendliness and professionalism.

Add your title

Your title says a lot about what you can do for your clients. Plus, platforms use it as a keyword on your profile page.

Therefore, you need to think carefully before writing your title.

With an effective title, you will be able to catch clients’ attention right away because that is one of the first things they see on your profile.

To create a good title, do the following:

Use simple words to create a professional title which describes your skills.

Be very precise when writing your title. Instead of graphic designer, maybe you could write logo designer, info graphic designer, and so on.

Use keywords and key phrases that describe your skills.

Write a good overview of your services

In the overview, you tell your clients more about yourself, so make sure to include everything that adds value to your profile.

You can list specific skills that can be valuable to your clients. However, this doesn’t mean that you should blow your own horn.

Though a warning.

Instead, try telling your potential clients what you can do for them and why they should choose you over other candidates. Be specific and personal, yet a little professional.

The overview is your selling point so you don’t mess around with it. You need to make it work the best you can.

Here are our quick tips on how to write a professional overview:

Start with the most important information first.

At the end of the overview, include soft skills.

Include the type of work you want to do and the industry you would like to work in.

Mention the level of proficiency with systems and industry-related software.

Include your years of experience.

List languages that you speak.

Bonus tip: If you are creating an Upwork profile, add an introduction video. A video will make your profile stand out and increase your chances of getting easily noticed by clients.

Also, this is a good opportunity to show who you are and what you offer in a more personal way.

The video should not be longer than a minute. You should only introduce yourself, give a short overview of what you do, list your skills, experience and working history.

At the end of the video, thank the viewer for watching the video, express your desire to work with them and invite them to take a look at your profile.

List the relevant skills

If you possess a variety of skills, you might as well let your clients know what they are. But be careful, for you probably know the saying Jack of all trades, master of none.

For this reason, consider which skills you want to list on your profile. If you are a marketer who knows a little bit about video editing, don’t mention the latter.

Make sure that you focus your skills on a specific niche and improve them if necessary.

In addition, you should never list more than ten skills. Some freelance websites won’t even let you exceed this number.

List your skills in order of priority – the things you are best at should be at the top of the list.

Finally, Upwork allows you to take tests and prove if you are really an expert in the listed skills. Use these tests to confirm to your potential clients that you are the right fit for their project.

Add your work experience

Your employment history says a lot about your past projects, qualifications and experience.

At this point, you should focus only on the projects that are related to the type of job you are searching for.

Highlight your specific expertise and achievements by using bullet points. Also, add a brief description of your role in the listed projects and positions.

In a nutshell, include all the relevant details, especially if you spent some time working at a well-known company. Clients love when they find someone who knows how to get the job done.

Build your portfolio

Your portfolio is extremely important, especially if you are in categories like design & creative, web development or writing.

With a great portfolio, you are much more likely to attract clients because you practically show them how great you are at what you do.

Make sure that you include your best samples first and leave out pieces that you are not proud of.

Think of it this way – your overview and other sections tell your story, but your portfolio shows it. And since a picture is worth a thousand words, freelancers with good portfolios are much more likely to land good jobs.

Connect your social accounts

As a freelancer, you should have an online presence, especially on LinkedIn. This tells clients a lot about who you are and what your personality is like, it validates your experience, and so on.

This helps freelance platforms better understand your interests and narrow down job searches according to the information found on your social accounts.

When you link your accounts, you build your reputation and verify your identity. This means greater credibility for clients.

Set your rate

Do not make this unaffordable and also do not make it look too cheap.

One of the final steps to a successful freelancer profile is setting your hourly rate. Here, it is crucial that you know your own worth.

You should neither aim too high nor too low. This may sound somewhat confusing, but in reality, it is rather simple.

There is no perfect hourly rate, so make sure that your rate matches your skills and experience. Also, you could take a glance at other freelancers’ profiles in your field of expertise.

Although you are a beginner, you shouldn’t sell yourself too short. In the beginning, start a bit lower but increase your rate over time.

If you start too low, you will feel frustrated when you realize that clients are using you for little money. On the other hand, don’t overestimate yourself, especially if you have just created your profile.

Simply put, your rate should match the quality of service that you offer.

Regularly update your profile

Finally, the last step is to frequently update your profile by removing irrelevant skills and samples, as well as adding successful projects to your portfolio.

This will keep your profile fresh and relevant for all potential clients to see.

Now, wrapping up

Taking some time to create a professional and attractive freelancer profile may sound tedious at first, but it will pay off in the end.

Make sure that you follow the steps that we listed and be patient.

The beginning is always the hardest, but you will see that having a complete freelancer profile is crucial.

If you don’t believe us, take a look at successful profiles and those that are lowest-paid. When you see the difference, you’ll know what we mean.

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How to Increase Traffic to your Blog





Hi, do you want to know how to increase traffic to your blog? Then in this post, I will be sharing with tips you need to know to get free daily traffic to your blog per day. Every blog needs traffic because that’s what will determine how much you will be able to make. If you are about launching your blog, it is very important to also know how to increase traffic to your blog.


Hi, do you want to know how to increase traffic to your blog? Then in this post, I will be sharing with tips you need to know to get free daily traffic to your blog per day. Every blog needs traffic because that’s what will determine how much you will be able to make. If you are about launching your blog, it is very important to also know how to increase traffic to your blog.

When I started blogging, my thoughts was that I will be getting free traffic to my blog, but hey guys it does take many months before I received a single visitors to my blog, it is very unwarming and very disheartened when trying all your best to help through your blog and believe me, you are not receiving any traffic.


During that time I also remembered trying to get traffic from all types of places, through facebook, reddit, stumbleupon, a lot of social networks but the result was not promising. Then I know that it is not easy to get traffic to anew blog. Sometimes, to get fast traffic to your blog, you can work as a guest blogger, posting posts on other influencers blog, although this is good but don’t you think you need to know how to receive free traffic as well consistently without any kind of delay.

Although when I was trying to get my posts by all these successful bloggers, I was disapproved many times and that’s how it is, that’s why it is very important to know how to get free traffic using some logics I will be teaching over here. It is very important to know how to drive traffic to your blog, because it will determine how far you will able to go on blogging. Blogging takes time, you know why it is because of the traffic driving you will be trying to get. That’s why I want to show you how to get free traffic to your blog doing some little things.

How to Increase Traffic to your Blog

As I have explained earlier, there are a lot of ways you can use to get traffic to your blog, we have paid and free service, why the hell will you paid traffic, what the hell? I don’t know but sometimes I see many people go for that. Well have also used paid traffic but is for another purpose on my affiliate links and it does pay. These are the best way I used to drive traffic to my blog;

1,Through Pinterest Marketing: Have you seen or heard of pinterest, I guess you are currently using the site as a means to search or find something online, but do you know that it is through an add url link from someone’s blog to Pinterest. Any pin clicked on pinterest, goes directly to the person’s website, that means getting traffic to the pin’s creator website. It is that simple. I came to know about the power of blogging very late and I tell you there are many using it and getting more than thousands of traffic per day from it. I do everytime and I receive the same result over time.I love pinterest and it is something you will greatly appreciate that you came to know and understand.

2. Through Google: Well, as much as I don’t wait much from google, because the traffic actually takes time and I cant deal with it. But I do love google for some reasons, because It can make your blog rank very well on Google,that’s it and with that you can receive more traffic to your blog per day. Although, as I said that traffic from google can takes some times, but incorporating and doing everything right will give you good return of your work. If you work with Pinterest and Google, you should get more traffic to your blog.

Those are the two best ways you can use to receive traffic to your blog. If you have other ways you can share and lets get started

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