My Story: On How I start Blogging


Hi, in this post,I will be sharing with you the starting point of my blogging journey. Blogging is something i embarked on without much guide at the beginning, I was just doing anything i could do to make it work.


Let me put it this way, i was kind of self learnt and when you are like that be sure that you wont have much thing to go through. Blogging came to be for me when i was surfing the internet and i came through some posts on how to make money online and in the post, the person explained how to make money online, and i was like okay i can make this work and i started immediately.

Well because of the information i had i wasnt able to make much money and yo cant believe, it was quite painful . So because i was not able to make any money, i stopped blogging to find another greener pasture, that was the key to it.

Although when i started blogging, i was very young minded person that doesnt wait to make money, i just wanted to make money at all instant. I cant believe the hustle and the thing, it was a very bad experience for me and that was very strange. Making money online takes time as well as takes work to be able to achieve something tangible out of it.

I know of many bloggers that own very beautiful blog and are not making any tangible amount of money from their blog, i have one been in their shoes but i didnt stop, i keep researching and doing better things, blogging is not a joking matter, it is really something that have changed some people life. So what do i do, i started looking again online on how to make this money online so i wont be misled.

I came through a lot of posts, some telling me i should buy their product, some telling me i should just move on, some telling, there is nothing to worry about, do this or do that. I even saw a post the person discouraged me of blogging, like if i should start blogging, there is nothing i will be able to bring out of it and i was like okay thats true, let me try it.

So i went into bulk sms business to start another way to make money and you know what, i did make some money but not like the way i wished. I can tell you that there is nothing that could be compared to blogging, it is good for any beginners to make money with it and also better for those who already have money but want to make more money.

When i started blogging the right way, it is through a lady who get in touch with me that told me about it and i was like is this how simple it is. She explained to me the step by step i need to know to start blogging the righ way and and start making money online. It was something great and very good as well.

SO if you want to start blogging right now, what information do you have what means do you know to make money online, what techniques can you use to make your blog better and best, how to lead your niche, you need to know all these and start making money. Dont wait and keep postponing, you will still need even after launching your blog. Get the information right and start making money