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Whitexvibes Guest Post Terms and Conditions

Whitexvibes gives rooms for guest post with the following terms and conditions

  • Guest post content should not be in any form of advert, Else contact advert sponsorships via whitexvibes@gmail.com
  • Post should contain maximum of hundred lines and minimum of ten lines.
  • Use of adult language like sex,fuck,pussy,ass etc. is not allowed. If any of this word should be written in a post its should be in this format S*x, Fu*k Pu**y, A**
  • Quality pictures and high resolution should be used in every post, virtual lines needed
  • Post content should be beneficiary and news worth
  • Post headlines should be captivating and interesting to readers and visitors
  • Good guest writers who are blog owners only can share post and links from their blogs only, and should not exceed more than one blog or website and one links. We don’t accept any personal growth, this means can’t sell link to your client out of our article, no affiliate links, no link selling, no link stuffing.
  • Guest writer should always endeavor to share post via social media after publishing
  • Before post is published, a draft should be sent to the admin via whitexvibes@gmail.com for approval to be published.
  • We don’t accept spun article and we will remove your article without notifying you if we later discover plagiarism.
  • We can also edit your post if needed.
  • Any linked article to your blog must be relevant and news worth

Crucial things to know?

We don’t accept any personal growth, this means can’t sell link to your client out of our article, no affiliate links. no link selling. no link stuffing. We reserve the right to edit your post if necessary

If you agree to our terms and conditions, kindly gives us a reply via whitexvibes@gmail.com and we will provide you login details. We will love you to write with us.

Steps in login in

Open your web browser

Enter the following URL www.whitexvibes.com/wp-admin

Enter the login detail provided for you

Click on post, on (Add new Post)

Note: you are only restricted to only the post option only




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